Yeehaw!!! The northwest tour did not disappoint and the folks in Oregon and Washington know how to get down. Great shows and good people we look forward to seeing you again June 10-13th

Up next I(Fletcher) will be traveling to Paris to represent Tracorum at the 2015 ECU Film Festival April 10-12th. Beyond excited to be bringing some original songwriting to such an amazing event. Showcase and set times for the festival can be found at the ECU HOMEPAGE.
A few other select performance in France and Germany before heading to Dublin to see Daniel Lanois one of the great producers and performers of our lifetime.

Tracorum is fired up to be back performing late night for you at the 2015 New Orleans Jazzfest!! If you know us you know we love this time of year and getting down is a priority. Currently have 3 shows scheduled for the 2nd weekend.
Wed April 29th 8-11pm at the new 30/90 Club on Frenchmen Street w/ Pimps of Joytime and Breakscience.
Fri May 1st 6-8:40 pm at the BMC on the corner of Decatur and Esplanade..
Fri May 1st(Early Sat) Dead of Night Late Night@ 30/90 on Frenchmen from 2am- till sunrise!!!
Bring it on!!! OOOOOOhhhhhhhh Babbbbyyy Yeahhhhhhh!!!