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Tracorum has released three studio albums:

2006: “Rock n Soul” Tracorum’s first album recorded as a trio featuring the original piano, bass, and drums format.

2011: “The Lesson” Charted top 25 CMA for 10+ weeks. The song Break the Chains was a 2011 IMA award finalist.

2013: “Tricked” released on Jan 8th, 2013 the album reached 225 College/AAA Radio Stations.

Tracorum is currently working on their 4th studio album to be released in 2024

“…some of the best boogie-minded, straight-great rock heard all weekend.”
Dennis Cook





The Band:
Ben Andrews – Guitar, Fiddle, Vocals
Paul Martin Sounder– Bass, Vocals
Daria “Shani” Johnson – Drums, Vocals
Fletcher Nielsen – Piano, Vocals

Tracorum’s contagious musical journeying is a blend of southern rock, soul, honky tonk, and roots americana. Rhythmic diversity adds elements of funk, caribbean and gospel stomp to their unique feel good sound. Great songwriting, strong vocals and timeless storytelling are the vehicle on which this powerful quartet is making their national ascent.

“At the end of the day we are a Rock n Roll band in the truest sense” says piano/vocalist Fletcher Nielsen “We thrive on a diversity of sound because it’s an honest representation of where we collectively come from as people.

“In one show we might musically visit New Orleans, the Appalachian mountains, Delta blues, church, psychedelic 60’s, England’s Rock heroes, say hello to Dylan and Willie Nelson drop Parliament/Funkadelic a bone and end up in Jamaica with a final stop in Memphis via southern Georgia.”

“It works because every song or style we play is unified by the true heart of rock and roll that is put into every performance. Tracorum has developed a unique sound which makes every original song or choice cover we play come across as if it was our own. People say eclectic is a marketing death wish but the spirit of resistance and potential that threads through our shows connects us with the audience in an symbiotic convergence that leaves both the band and the crowd energized night after night, for us that is Rock and Roll”

The band has released three studio albums:

2006: “Rock n Soul”

2011: “The Lesson” Added and in rotation on over 130 College/AAA Radio Stations. Charted top 25 CMA for 10+ weeks. The song Break the Chains was a 2011 IMA award finalist.

2013: “Tricked” released on 1/8/13 and already added and in rotation on over 225 College/AAA Radio Stations.

Tracorum has shared the stage with great acts such as Robert Randolph Family Band, Trombone Shorty, Rebirth Brass Band, Ivan Neville Dumpstafunk, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Umphreys McGee, Bill Kreutzmann’s (Grateful Dead) 7 Walkers, Mickey Hart Band (Grateful Dead), Anders Osborne, Leo Neocentelli and performed at great events like Sundance Film Festival, New Orleans Jazz Festival, SXSW, High Sierra Music Festival, Hangtown Halloween Festival, 4 Peaks Music Festival, Memphis Film Festival, and many more.

” Sometimes we listen to music without really hearing it. However, when we’re ready to open up and experience a thing as it truly is, well, it can feel like a baptism. What they do is rock ‘n’ roll but done so fundamentally right it makes you want to kiss them when they power down their instruments. This night, as the festival raged like we’d never seen before on a Sunday eve, Tracorum embodied our collective high spirits and unspoken ache at this experience coming to a close and put those elements to work in some of the best boogie-minded, straight-great rock heard all weekend. Comparisons to The Band and studio aces The Wrecking Crew flitted through my brain as I danced to the heart of this fleeting makeshift town next to my loose-limbed sisters and brothers. Every aspect was right on the money and every man showed himself a massive talent on their respective instruments, pouring soul into every note, their conviction becoming our own.”
– Dennis Cook, Jambase

Sweet southern-style lemonade was made of stumbling into San Francisco's Tracorum. Lured into HandleBar by the pure energy of the lead guitar, hell-bent on getting the perfect squeal out of his devil-horned Gibson SG, the band would fit in nicely with the twangy side of Bob & #39’s Scratchy Records on 88.1 KDHX. Old enough to appreciate and invoke Jerry Lee Lewis on the keys, the hellbilly foursome manifested youth via metal licks and nonstop roadhouse rock. – KDHX Austin, Texas

To pair thoughtful, philosophical and even spiritual ideas to music that’s relevant to daily existence AND dance hall ready AND woven with curious intricacies isn’t easy. However, San Francisco’s Tracorum seem to have this crazed formula figured out based on their new studio effort Tricked, where moments feel like one’s wandered into a lost sunshine daydream from a night at the Mars Hotel. But this is no ghost dance, simply very talented dudes working with similar operating principles, a serious but not over serious approach to road ready hymns for life’s long highway.
– Dirty Impound

Tracorum;’s rambunctious live show is sure to alleviate any suffering from Holiday Blues. Hailing from San Francisco, the eclectic four piece mixes rhythm n blues with funk,gospel,soul,rock, and caribbean music in an original upbeat blend. The results are tunes bouncing atop the butont piano played by Fletcher Nielsen, whose smooth vocals glide over well written lyrics and are backed by a fiery but fun rhythm section. With harmonica solos and a danceable beat, Tracorum is sure to get the club on it’s feet. – Beatscape

“Rock ‘n soul, gospel and thunder funk, this formation ticks all the right boxes. Hailing from San Francisco, Tracorum’s sound explores the boundaries of traditional and contemporary American roots music. The band consists of some of the most adept artists the Bay Area has to offer. The group that revolves around singer-songwriter, pianist and guitarist Fletcher Nielsen released their debut album in 2006. After Rock ‘N Soul, The Lesson followed in 2011.The four piece unveiled the newest addition to their repertoire: 2013 Tricked. Just a ridiculously good band that has somehow stayed below the mainstream radar, this will not last for long!” Bourbon Street Blues Club- Amsterdam, Netherlands

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