Hey Folks,
We are almost halfway through the year and there is no stopping in site! We are burning the pavement to bring you the good time music you love and June and July are full of great shows and festivals and fairs where you can find us blazing the stage. First, our recent Southeast tour was epic. Highlights from Austin, New Orleans Jazzfest, Baton Rogue, Mississippi, Asheville,NC and the Memphis Film Festival where people aren’t afraid to cut loose while digging on the sounds of some original southern Rock and Soul music! Capacity shows filled with lunatic screaming and dancing filled our hearts with joy as old and new friends rocked out with us in the land of the South. Thanks for all the support, look for us to return to the south in the early fall!

Our new album “Tricked” continues to gain traction with music lovers and radio DJ’s across the country. Humbled by the words of Dennis Cook and his Dirty Impound review of our new album. Check out the full review here and please spread the word around! Dennis Cook’s Dirty Impound Review of “Tricked”

SUMMER TOUR DATES Round 1– Our calendar is still the best source for up to date information on where we will be. More shows for June and July will be added but here is a peak of what’s in store. See you somewhere soon!

Upcoming Shows: